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I am a DentisPhobe of some 30 years standing - thanks to a Dentist who was the absolute worst in every way possible... like the Dentist in "the Marathon Man" on steriods... and someone who over a span of some 9 years gave me PTSD around all things Dentists and dental work.... I actually swore off Dentists for the rest of my life and thought I was going to make it until the inevitable dental problems recently caught up with me big time..

Enter, first, Dr. Bruce Bothwell, also of Alameda (separate Yelp review) who recognized that I needed a good oral surgeon fast. He referred me to Dr. Knoll... Dr. Knoll performed oral surgery 2 weeks ago and removed a little less that 40% of my teeth....

It wasn't easy (because of my fears, distrust based upon past experience, and PTSD) but, I have to report that Dr Knoll and his staff did more than "surgery" on my mouth - they, with their care and caring attitudes, with their concern and manner of being in all areas - actually gave me back, to a great degree, my faith in dental professionals.

Dr. Knoll and his entire staff deserve ten stars or more... I cannot recommend this office and the people who staff it, from Dr. Knoll on down, more highly than this: THEY TURNED MY LIFE (as far as dentistry and taking care of my body) AROUND... they've restored a great deal of my faith, and, most importantly, I am learning to trust Dentists and the like once again.

If you need a Dentist / Oral Surgeon - RUN, don't walk, to the Offices of Dr. Michael Knoll

Larry B.

I took out my wisdom tooth out here.
The place is really nice and they took out my wisdom tooth like magic. The syringe didn't hurt a bit, and I was put to sleep like naturally. After the surgery, there was hardly any discomfort, and I feel I'm recovering very fast.
The instructions are very easy to follow, and they conveniently provide rides.

Phillip L.

I had a tooth with a fractured root that was giving me pain for almost a year. Due to previous negative dental experiences, I put it off until it became unbearable. I called the California Oral Surgery Center, and they fit me in for an evaluation with Dr. Knoll the next day. He acknowledged my fears, settled my nerves and scheduled me for an extraction two days later. I was dreading it.

It went beautifully. He sedated me, and I woke up never knowing what happened. I had no swelling, minimal bleeding and only took one pain pill. I was so relieved, and if I had known it was going to be this easy, I would have done it earlier.

The staff is very competent, and I felt well taken care of in general. thank you,Dr.Knoll and staff!

Sharon E.

What an amazing experience, I had to have a tooth removed, not a good day for me, however Dr Knoll made it basically painless and it was over before I knew it. He took the time to tell me everything he was doing and was very gentle, it didn't hurt a bit.The staff there are extreamly nice and caring. The after care was easy I only had to take one of the perscribed pain pills and that was only in the beginning to "get ahead of the pain" No pain after that, no swelling and it is healing well. I am the biggest baby in the world and I wasn't even scared. Five stars for Dr Knoll.

Joni S.

This is the second major procedure I have had done in this office.
The first was a major extraction of a root canal gone bad in 2009. That was done by Dr. Stettler, and everything went very smoothly.

This visit was to remove a wisdom tooth, and to place a dental implant at the site of the previous extraction. For these procedures I saw Dr. Knoll. The initial visit was to evaluate the work that needed to be done, get an estimate, and schedule the procedure. Dr. Knoll spent a significant amount of time with me explaining the procedure in detail and making sure to answer any questions I had. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. I knew I would be in good hands.

The procedure was done earlier this week. I received sedation for the procedure, and everything went very smoothly. They made sure I was well informed as to the aftercare, and emphasized that if I had any questions that I should call immediately. Two days after the procedure, I am still somewhat sore, but the pain medication alleviates that, and my improvement over the last 2 days has been significant. They also do an excellent job of communicating with my regular dentist about followup procedures to complete the implant.

All in all this office a very friendly, professional staff, who communicates clearly, and makes the experience as pain free as possible!

I would recommend Dr. Knoll or Dr. Stettler to anyone needing surgical procedures or dental implants.

Travis T.

My parents never took me to a dentist, so now at the age of 29 I have been playing catch up. My wisdom teeth were still in and one had a bad cavity and the other got infected. I called them and they got me in the same day of a consult and to get antibiotics. They saw me pretty fast. Dr. Knoll was super nice, poor guy seems over-worked, but he has a great bed side manner--you could just tell he was tried. When I went in for the surgery he numbed me up and warned me when it was going to hurt/pinch. (I did the extraction under local) While the sensation of the pounding on your tooth at all I experienced no pain whatsoever. Dr. Knoll talked to me the whole time, telling me what to except and the extraction of both teeth went faster than I could have imagined. His nurse was also super nice ad calming.

If I was to simply grade the front desk staff I would give 3 stars because it was really get or miss. The first lady that gave me the estimate was pretty rude. The woman that made my same day appointment was fantastically nice and so was the woman that checked me in. The lady that gave me the estimate didn't seem to really know what she was doing and was clearly irritated at me asking questions. My insurance is weird it that it would only let me get the 2 bothering me done right away and I had to wait to get pre-authorization on the 3rd. She told me I needed it to get it done that next day, but I couldn't because I didn't have anyone to go with me. Later on the nicer woman called and said she was able to extend the authorization and I could get it done the next week. So, some of the office staff at 5 stars and some are 1-2 stars.

All of the nurses were 5 stars, especially the one that did my x-rays and the one that helped in the extraction.

Luke A.

My son was referred to this office by our dentist for wisdom tooth extractions, as they'd started giving him some pain. We had an appointment set for a Thursday, but the pain got much worse during the weekend prior to the appointment. So, Monday morning I called Dr. Knolls office and explained what was happening and they were kind enough to re-book the appointment for the same day.

We were greeted by a very friendly staff, a bright waiting room and there was practically no wait time. The appointment went well, very thorough and the surgery was scheduled for that very Friday. He was made comfortable for the week, so that the pain wasn't a worry.

I was confident, after the appointment, that my son would be in very good hands - which is really important to me, as even though he is grown, I am an extreme "worry wart".

The wait during the surgery was very pleasant. I was able to freshly brew myself a cup of yummy coffee, grab the newspaper from outside - to which the office staff told me I could take with me if I'd like to and I was able to sit and read a little. It was more like a comfortable Sunday morning then, then a "wait" time during the surgery. The procedure was super fast and when I was called in, it was apparent that the after care nurse was very comforting to my son.

As well as the entire process went and as nice as everyone is in this office, I think my favorite part was all the follow-up afterwords and how the office staff remembers you when you call.

This is a special group and we very much recommend them!

Julie G.

I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Knoll. Surely, not an easy task since they were all completely impacted. And particularly because I (being the procrastinator I am) waited until my mid-30s to have a procedure done which was first recommended to me in my late teens.

But let me tell you -- from the consultation to the surgery to the follow-up care and yes, to even the billing -- my experience with Dr. Knoll and California Oral Surgery Center was fantastic. Well, the actual recovery wasn't all that great, but that was kind of expected given the extent of the surgery. I especially appreciated the home-like setting of the office and good bedside manner of Dr. Knoll and his staff, both of which helped put me at ease the day of the procedure (well, the pre-surgery Valium probably helped too).

Will most definitely return for any future oral surgery needs and recommend the same to my colleagues and friends.

William L.

I saw Dr. Knoll instead of my original referral to Dr. Stettler. I was informed upon arriving that Dr. Knoll was his new associate dentist and I could not have been more pleased. He was very informative, caring, and took his time explaining the whole procedure. He did not seemed annoyed with me at all when I asked him a million and one questions and he is extremely knowledgeable. I hope that the surgery goes as well as the consult! If I get lucky & it does, this appointment will be a breeze!!

Dede B.

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