Removable Teeth On Implants

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If your dentures are uncomfortable, and denture adhesive is bothersome, our removable denture solution may be the right one for you.

A removable denture is another form of a dental implant supported denture, but is removable for cleaning, similar to your current dentures. Unlike your current removable dentures, this dental implant supported denture is secured to dental implants, thereby eliminating the need for denture adhesives. 

This removable denture is a complete dentures alternative, that “snaps” on to only two dental implants. When in place, a dental implant supported denture will look and function very much as your natural teeth did.


  An alternative to a fixed bridge is a removable overdenture, which is anchored on implants. The old fashioned denture has many disadvantages and should be avoided if possible.
  Removable, implant anchored overdenture
A removable full denture that is connected to either a ball or bar attachment, which in turn is anchored on two or more implants in the front part of the jaw.

The implants help keep the denture in place and provide better function and comfort. Cost is usually the reason why this solution is chosen over a fixed bridge – although the end result can’t be compared.

Combining Function And Beauty

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